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Juno x Louie Litter

What can you expect?

Bengal kittens for sale

Chalk Mountain's Queen Juno
I have never met a friendlier bengal than our little June Bug.

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Chalk Mountain's King Louie
Our Chalk Mountain Sweetheart

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Based off of the genetic testing we've done and past history we expect Snow Mink and Brown Bengals. These two make some really beautiful babies who have nice big round rosettes. Their brown kittens usually have nice bright undertones with really defined big markings with a nice two toned look to them. Learn more about brown Bengal Kitten genetics. Their Snow mink kittens usually have really light creamy undertones and darker cream colored rosettes. Their tails and ears usually have a slightly darker hue to them. These kittens will also have significant glitter coat. What is Glitter Coat in a Bengal Kitten?

Price Range:

Juno and Louie's kittens are usually on the higher side of our price range because of their spectacular markings, coloring, and their contrast. What is the price of a Bengal kitten?

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