Bengal kitten for sale

Bengal Kitten: Trindle


Bengal kitten for sale

Bright bold snow mink boy

Born: 11/04/23
Trindle has the brightest coat of all of the snow bengals we have. I expect that this will make his markings look more defined as he ages. His coat may get a little creamier as he gets older and his markings may become a little darker and defined as well. Right now Trindle is a snuggler, he isn't quite as toy-crazy as his siblings and he isn't the one who will fight a sibling over a toy. He would rather watch the action which will make him the perfect partner if you have another cat who is more dominant.
Trindle has beautiful big blue eyes right now but I expect them to turn more of an aqua green color as he ages (though he might surprise me). Trindle is the biggest of the litter right now and has a very sleek sparkly coat.
Trindle will also have what's called a "glitter coat". This is when the hairs are all covered in a glittery reflective coating. Trindle's coat will have a rose colored metallic shimmer in the sunlight. (Glitter coat is not something that every Bengal has, however all Chalk Mountain Bengals do)
All of our kittens are spayed/neutered before leaving our little farm. To ensure they have plenty of time with their mother and siblings, our kittens don't join their new home until close to 13 weeks. Before your kitten becomes "yours" it is a part of our family. Our kids enjoy every minute playing with and carrying the kittens around. Sometimes they get dressed up like dolls and other times they "help" build legos in the play room. Either way, we enjoy them and you get a socialized sweet kitten when it's time to join your family.
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We would like to make sure you're the right fit for our little bengal kittens.

Bengal kitten for sale
Bengal kitten for sale
Bengal kitten for sale

Included with your bengal kitten:

- TICA Registration (limited/pet registration)
- Spayed/Neutered
- Purchase Agreement
- Health Guarantee (see purchase agreement for details)
- Vaccinations
- De worming
- Information packet
Copies of health testing and bengal kitten purchase documents found here.


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Bengal kitten for sale


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Bengal kitten for sale

About Our Mission as a Bengal Cattery:

All of our bengal kings and queens were chosen with care. We choose cats who are a strong representation of the bengal breed, but we also specifically look for bengals who's kittens would make great additions to your family. We have a large family with several young children - we understand the importance of socializing our cats and kittens so that they can be a family friendly pet. All of our kings and queens are an integral part of our own family, and while your kitten is with us - it is a part of our family as well.

Come Visit a Bengal Breeder:

We would love to give you a tour of our cattery. The kids love showing off all of the animals on the farm, especially the cats and kittens. Contact us to make an appointment so that you can see where our cats and kittens are raised. Visit our Texas Bengal cattery. If you can't visit our Texas Bengal cattery you can check it out online. Where our Bengal cats are raised.

Full Bengal Registration:

We do not sell kittens with full breeding rights, it is very important to us that bengal cats are only bred with full testing and strict ethical standards. We have a good relationship with a few bengal breeders who hold similarly high standards. Those breeders are the only ones we would consider selling a breeding kitten to.

What Will My Bengal Kitten Look Like?

Watching our sweet Chalk Mountain Bengals grow up and mature into the fantastic Bengal Cats is a lot of fun. The best way to see how a Bengal Kitten will look when he or she is older is to check out our previous kittens. We try to stay in touch and add pictures of our Chalk Mountain Bengals as they grow up in their new homes. Bengal Kittens as they Age