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Klein x Louie Litter

What can you expect?

Golden Brown Bengal Kittens For Sale

Chalk Mountain's Queen Klein
Our high jumping Bengal Queen with personality.

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Chalk Mountain's King Louie
Our Chalk Mountain Sweetheart

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Louie is a sweetheart who enjoys toys and kids. He doesn't mind when the kids pick him up and mess with him as long as he gets attention. More about our Golden Brown Bengal, Louie. Klein is an active girl who would rather chase a toy than hide in her cat bed. She's an outgoing sweetheart who defiantly doesn't mind a back scratch. More about our active Brown Bengal Queen, Klein.


Based off of the genetic testing we've done and past history we expect only Brown Bengals. These two make some really beautiful babies who have nice clear rosettes. Their kittens usually have really defined rosettes with space between them for that bright undertone. Brown Bengal kitten genetics are really interesting, learn more. These kittens will also have significant glitter coat. What is Glitter Coat in a Bengal Kitten? They have a chance for green and gold eyes, possibly even hazel.

Price Range:

Klein and Louie's kittens are priced between $2,200 and $2,800. What is the price of a Bengal kitten?

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