silver bengal for sale

Star x Arctic Litter

What can you expect?

bengal kitten for sale

Chalk Mountain's Queen Star
Miss Star is a fabulous "Russian Lady", she is the most girly out of all our bengals.

Silver Bengal Kittens for Sale   Silver Bengal Kittens for Sale

Chalk Mountain's King Arctic
Our fabulous clouded silver Bengal boy

Silver Bengal Kittens for Sale   Silver Bengal Kittens for Sale


Arctic is a TALKER, he is a friendly giant. He doesn't mind when the kids pick him up and mess with him as long as he gets attention. More about our Silver Clouded Bengal Arctic. Star is a very petite feminine girl, she loves to snuggle under your blankets and stay warm. They both enjoy chasing toys and feathers but Arctic is the most active. More about our Silver Bengal Queen Star.


Arctic is a big boy he is the biggest of all of Chalk Mountain's Bengals. He has huge clouded markings. Star is a lighter weight Bengal. She has less rosettes and more spots. When mixing Arctic's large markings with Star's smaller markings we get a really nice mix of kittens. Star carries "a" which makes her markings nice and dark against her lighter coat. Arctic carries APB, when paired - there is a chance for a Charcoal and Silver Charcoal kitten! Star and Arctic will most likely have silver Bengal kittens with a chance for Charcoal. Silver Bengal kitten genetics are really interesting, learn more. These kittens will also have significant glitter coat. What is Glitter Coat in a Bengal Kitten? They both have green eyes even though Arctic's are more of an aquamarine color.

Price Range:

Star and Arctic's kittens are priced between $2,200 and $2,800. What is the price of a Bengal kitten?

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