Frequently Asked Questions

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Cats can be complicated...

Just like picking your new four legged family member can be complicated, breeding cats is just as complicated... or more.
Hopefully this page will help answer some questions you had, or even some you didn't know you had.

Bengal Health and Testing:

Bengal Personality and Temperament:

How big do Bengal Cats get?

Bengals are generally the same size as a typical house cat, possibly slightly larger.
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Do Bengals need a special diet?

No, Bengals do not need a special diet. Some owners and breeders swear by a raw diet. We support a raw diet but we urge everyone to do their research and make sure they're giving their cats all of the nutrients they need. We feed our bengals Purina One cat food. After researching brands and touring the actual Purina Research Farm in Missouri we feel confident in our choice.
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