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Bengal Personality and Temperament

Bengal Personalities

Our family friendly lap leopards.

What is a Bengal cat's personality?

Bengals are very intelligent, curious, and active. They are social animals who love attention. As they age Bengals become more calm. Bengals are also big talkers and they pretend you understand them.

What is a Bengal cat's temperament?

Depending on their socialization and genetics Bengals have very well mannered personalities and love their humans. They are slightly more active than most other breeds and most calm down as they age.

Our Bengal breeding focuses on personality as well as appearance, so our adult Bengals have friendly personalities with good attitudes. We can also trust every one of them around our young children. We also socialize and desensitize our kittens from the time they're born.

Are Bengals lap cats?

Sometimes. Bengals are usually busy cats who enjoy attention but they aren't the cuddliest breeds.

Generally Bengals aren't but we have also had plenty of kittens who have become lap cats in their new home, they can certainly surprise you.

Do Bengals get along with other cats?

Yes. Bengals are a social cat breed who enjoy the company of other cats.

Any time you introduce a new cat into your home there will be a transition period, this can sometimes take some time and patience.

Do Bengals get along with dogs?

Yes. Bengals are social cats who can definitely get along with dogs.

Any time you introduce a new cat into your home there will be a transition period, this can sometimes take some time and patience.

Are Bengals active?

Yes. Bengals are an active breed, they enjoy toys, playing with children, and zooming around the house.

Do Bengals need a lot of attention?

Yes, similar to most other breeds, Bengals need attention and mental stimulation.

Are Bengal cats vicious?

As long as they have been socialized at a young age Bengals are not vicious.

Do Bengals like to climb?

Yes. Bengals love to climb and can balance on top of very surprising things.

Are Bengals good with kids?

Yes. Bengals who have been socialized are incredibly great with kids and very patient.
We allow our children to be very involved with our kittens. That way they get used to being picked up and played with.

Are Bengals good family pets?

Yes. Bengals that have been socialized are wonderful family pets.

Are two Bengals better than one?

That depends on what you want.
Do you want all of your cat's attention and devotion? If so, I would advise you to stick with one Bengal.
If you don't mind sharing your Bengal's devotion? I would advise you to get a second Bengal. Sometimes it's nice not to be their sole source of attention. Especially if you work outside of the home, your baby will have some company while you're gone.

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