Chalk Mountain's King Leo

Registered Name: Bengalmanor Baron Leo of Simbarosa

Our sweet Leo is now retired from our breeding program.


Leo came to Chalk Mountain Family Farm as an adult after another local cattery closed it's doors. It took him quite a while to warm up to us because Leo has a very timid nature. Leo's absolute favorite thing is to be brushed and loved on. Once he gets warmed up to you he likes to "talk" making little meows and yowls. Leo is now neutered and is enjoying the remainder of his life chasing grass hoppers and sunbathing on the farm.


Leo is up to date on his yearly hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) screening and has also had a full Wisdom DNA Panel done. The Wisdom Panel is the world's most comprehensive cat DNA test and is delveloped by leading geneticists and veterinarians. Along with insuring that Leo is 100% bengal breed, it also screens for 45+ health tests, 25+ trait tests, and blood type. Leo tested negative for every single health test in the Wisdom Panel. Proof of testing can be provided to you if requested.

DNA Traits

Leo is a brown bengal with small black rosettes. Based on the results of his genetic testing it shows that Leo has one copy of Burmese (cb). This means that he carries genes for Snow bengals.
One fun fact about Leo is that he has a Glitter Coat. This is a gene that makes the hair a softer texture and has an iridescent sheen to it. In the shade they look super shiny, and in the sun their coat can look like it's been sprinkled with golden dust.