Chalk Mountain's King Armani

Registered Name: Doubledbengals Chalk Mtn FF Armani



As a kitten, Armani wanted the be a part of our daily lives 24/7. His love for attention gave him a special spot in our family, less like a cat and more like the loyal family dog. Even Bart (who is secretly more of a dog guy) absolutely ADORES Armani. Armani was a bit picky about which toys he was interested in. He was all about the fluttery feathers, and less interested in chasing balls or floor toys. As an adult he is still his affection loving self, announcing very vocally if he doesn't get the attention he feels he diserves (which is ALL the attention). Armani loves being outside with the kids but instead of chasing grass hoppers like the other cats, he is more interested in following kids around and "helping" with what ever we're doing.


Although Armani has been fully cleared by a veterinarian and both of his parents are DNA and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) tested; Armani will undergo his own Wisdom Panel and HCM test soon.
The Wisdom Panel is the world's most comprehensive cat DNA test and is delveloped by leading geneticists and veterinarians. Along with insuring that Armani is 100% bengal breed, it also screens for 45+ health tests, 25+ trait tests, and blood type.

DNA Traits & Family History

Armani is the son of 'Champion ExotiqueBengals Heartbreaker' of DoubleD Bengals who has placed at several shows and holds the title of Champion in TICA.
DNA Testing on Armani is currently pending, however we expect him to be a possible Snow Mink carrier based on his genetic history.